Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dallas Texas Offers Fun, Site and SEO Classes! Awesome Times

Dallas is Amazing! Texas has such a variety of things that are fun for the whole family.

We have fantastic places to eat, educational places, and wonderful live entertainment.  For starters you can visit Dallas Texas awesome House of Blues offers live music and southern inspired cuisine a midst an eclectic decor of folk art. House of Blues is an amazing experience for 2 -2,500 people. 

Do you like to ride high tech machines. Perhaps Segways are the way to go. Anyone who enjoys riding these high tech machines are more than welcome to visit the Dallas and you can take a Segway tour of the the area.  Segway PT riding professionals and each hold the accreditation of "Certified Tourism Ambassador" through the Tourism Ambassador Institute of North Texas.  Experience the most unique and fun guided sightseeing tours of downtown Dallas imaginable.

We even have many educational sites in our great city of Dallas Texas.   Irving Arts Center houses two state-of-the art theaters, four art galleries, and an outdoor sculpture garden on a six acre site. More than 300 theatrical, family, symphonic and chorale performances are held annually.  
Dallas SEO Classes

SEO Training Classes in Texas

So many wonderful and amazing places it visit in our great state of Dallas Texas.  Our neighboring cities like Austin, Texas also have many great places one can visit.  Many folks from different states should be come visit our great state of Texas.  Texas has many places and educational opportunities.  

Even with all the great things you can do in Texas everyone in Dallas can take SEO classes and Adwords classes online without ever leaving.  We found a great online courses that one can take for Social Media and improving their boost on Google natural search. Dallas just keeps getting better and better no matter what!   

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New AdWords Tutorial for Small Biz

AdWords, of course, is Google's pay-per-click advertising program. Some would call it Google's pay-to-play system. You identify your target keywords, and then bid on AdWords to pay for a click from Google to your website. Many small business marketers use AdWords, but not all are savvy at the secrets, tips and tricks that can make or break and AdWords campaign. ROI (return on investment) can really vary.

AdWords Tutorial
How is your average small businessperson supposed to learn the secrets of AdWords?  Google's own training is very salesy, long on telling you how great AdWords is for your business and short on telling you insider tips, tricks, and secrets to make you a more efficient AdWords advertiser.

A Free AdWords Tutorial

Fortunately, I just found out about a new AdWords tutorial at This nifty free tutorial explains Adwords in terms of four gotchas.  By gotchas the author means things that can eat up your money.  Here they are:

  • Keyword Match Types - Gotcha No. 1: bad match types.
  • The Display Network - Gotcha No. 2: running on bad display network placements.
  • Enhanced Campaigns -Gotcha No. 3: running on mobile by mistake.
  • AdWords vs. SEO - Gotcha No. 4: missing out on free SEO opportunities.

The best thing about this guide to AdWords is that it comes with a free AdWords eBook in PDF format on the top resources for AdWords - tools, tutorials, and other "how to" guides.  You just have to register to get that.  I checked it out and it's very good.  It taught me some things I did not really understand like the difference between a keyword with no quotes, with quotes, with brackets, and with plus signs. Those match types are super important to AdWords success.

Monday, August 26, 2013

SEO Classes Offered in Austin Texas!

It's a great day to be in Austin Texas!
SEO Training Classes in Austin Texas

Great SEO classes are being offered in Austin and the surrounding cities.  The great thing about these SEO classes, you can take the live or take the archive version of the classes.

Any small business can take the classes and also include the Social Media and Adwords class if you need to take additional classes to help you learn SEO.  I have learned so many new SEO tips and tricks to help optimize my website.

It's a great day to be in Austin Texas! You have to check out the classes here.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Free Website for Small Dallas Businesses: GYBO

Texas Business Website in DallasDid you know that Google will give you a FREE website for your business in the Dallas or Texas area? Yes they will.  The program is called GYBO (Get Your Business Online). Now, Google wants to sell you on advertising, but - that said - it's still free and you can get Google to help you with starting your web presence in Texas.

To get started on a Texas site for your business, just go to GYBO Texas.  How cool is that?

Free Business Website for Dallas, TX, Businesses

In their own words:

Choose a design and customize it with a description and photos of your business. You'll also have the option to create a free mobile optimized site. 

Wow!  They'll even pay hosting and registration for your own domain for ONE YEAR!  Sweet!  This is a real find for any Dallas, Texas, business just starting out! 

Chamber of Commerce: Training Opportunities for Small Business

Texas Chamber of CommerceThe Chamber of Commerce is one of the first places people often start on their hunt for business information. Sometimes the Chambers cater more to larger, more established business and sometimes they do (or do not) offer classes and courses in Internet marketing. It just depends. Dallas is fortunate to have one of the best Chambers of Commerce in the region, and it can be a good starting point.

Participating in the Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Even if you don't have the budget to join, keep a link over to the Chamber and watch out for their informative learning and training experiences.

Texas Chamber of Commerce Executive's website.  The Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives (TCCE) is the professional society of chamber of commerce executives and professional staff in the state of Texas

Find out more about the Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Business News - Texas Business News Updates

Dallas News for BusinessOne important thing to starting and running a small business in Dallas is keeping up with local business information. 

What deals are dealing? What's shaking? Where is the latest and greatest new small business opportunity in Dallas?

One great way to keep up-to-date with business news is to follow the local paper, online, and especially the business section. You can follow Dallas Business News, here.

Dallas SCORE: Small Business Help for Dallas, TX, Entrepreneurs

SCORE is a small business organization. If you are starting a small business organization in Dallas, Texas, SCORE can help you FOR FREE.
Dallas Texas Score

Dallas SCORE provide no-cost, confidential business counseling tailored to meet the needs of your business.  SCORE also offers workshops and seminars for a modest fee, for both start-up entrepreneurs and existing businesses looking for a fresh perspective and renewed focus for their business.

We hold monthly workshops for a small fee that cover a variety of topics for people wanting to start their own business or wanting addional information for their existing business.
Dallas Class Training
What we like about SCORE is a) it's free, and b) you get mentor-ship from other Dallas, Texas, small business entrepreneurs.

To learn more about SCORE, click here.